Body Polishing Exfoliator
$ 10.00

Body Polishing Exfoliator


 A tried-and-true staple in West African homes, smooth, clean-feeling skin is just an invigorating shower away with this gentle yet highly effective exfoliating cloth! The mesh design is perfect for creating creamy lather and at over 3 feet long, you can show your entire body the real love it’s been missing!

 HOW TO USE| Wet with warm water and apply your favorite soap. Gently massage over the skin with a smooth, circular motion concentrating on any rough spots. Use every day for softer, cleaner, smoother skin.

 - Wash with soap before first use.

- Avoid use on sensitive or damaged skin.

- Rinse clean & Hang to dry after each use to maximize life span.

- Replace every 6-12 months.


Sourced from Ghana.

Distributed by Ankara Crowns, LLC