Choosing A Product

STANDARD/FULL SIZED HEADWRAPS [~20 in x 70 in (51 cm x  178 cm)]

This size is great for adults with a range of hair styles and can be folded to adjust the width to THE size appropriate for the headwrap style you want to achieve. high turbans, large bows, classic bun knots or simple wrap around styles – do them all with this size.


MINI HEADWRAPS [~10 in x 60 in (28 cm x 152 cm)] |

We suggest this size for women who have short cuts, braided down styles and don’t want or need too much fabric or for those who prefer to wear open top styles and let their crowns, braids, or locs cascade over the top. The bonus with this size is that younger girls can wear them because our queens in the making want to express themselves too! How dope is it to be able to make mother/daughter, big sis/lil sis, aunt/niece matching sets by picking the sizes that work best for the whole squad?

Basically, our mini headwraps are a great way to get some of our bold, popping prints in the right size at the right price…and you can use those extra coins to get more!



 If you love a good hat, then you will love these because they are BETTER. First of all, these hats are made with high-quality fabrics, in dope prints. Second and most importantly, they. Are. SATIN. LINED!

It took us over 2 years to make sure we came correct with these gems! And they’re manufactured in small batches so they are rather exclusive. Don’t even think about leaving here without one! Just. Don’t. Do. It! 

SATIN-LINED HEADBAND/TURBAND [Best suited for head circumferences ~23 in – 25 in (58 cm – 64 cm)]

Just need to add a little pop of something to complete your look?

Hair looks cute but your roots not so much?  

Twistout came out kind of trash and you need a quick camouflage so you don’t completely melt down?

You love headwraps but you’re not always about that work?

Slip one of these bad boys over your head, slick down your edges (or not - I don’t!) , slide it back into place and GO. That’s it! They’re cute, they’re convenient, and they’re satin-lined cause you deserve that!


Besides all the love and care we put into selecting the prints, making, packaging and photographing each wrap, our wraps have a special feature that we doubt you will find anywhere else.

Our head wraps are TAPERED!

I have heard countless women tell use they love headwraps but that they struggle with tying them, they don’t stay on, etc. Even as a head wrapping pro I, myself, had one annoying struggle when tying up my headwraps – tucking away the ends.

You know just what I’m talking about. After FINALLY getting your wrap to look like Erykah Badu herself wrapped it for you, you now have to struggle with tucking away the bulky tips….uggggh! You find a place to stuff them but now there are some unflattering lumps killing the vibe, OR there wasn’t enough room where you squeezed in the tips so your head wrap is not that secure and is threatening to unravel OR you decided to force those bulky ends into an unforgiving fold and 5 minutes later you start having a headache because now your headwrap is TOO tight.

We got tired of the struggle life and what’s the point of doing something if you’re not looking for ways to improve? So we experimented with different ideas and decided tapered tips were THE solution to easier wrapping and it has been bliss ever since.

Besides making it easier to tuck away the ends, our exclusive tapered design is so flattering you might not even want to tuck them away – just take a look at one our models and see how pretty the ends of our bows look. Plus our design makes it easier to tie your headwrap into a flattering bandeau top (we’ve got tutorials for that) or to wear wrapped around your neck.