It May Not Feel Like Spring But It Can Look Like It - Spring Prints Are Here!

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Mother Nature has been mercilessly teasing us with small hints of spring with huge chunks of winter still sprinkled in between.

Our anticipation for warm days, cool breezes and beautiful flowers has completely boiled over and we just can. not. wait. ANYMORE!

We teamed up with beautiful sisters, Ayo and Arewa on a cold, cloudy February day in an empty, flowerless botanical garden and created a little spring of our own to share with you!

Ayo and Arewa wearing the Aeolia Pink and Aeolia Teal Wraps

"Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers; plant your own garden and decorate your own soul."
- Unknown


Arewa wearing the Nsude Wrap

 Arewa is a beautiful multihyphenate: She is an actress-dancer-model-writer-director-cinematographer-editor. She is also an extremely gifted singer who aspires to inspire people through her art. Her messages are positive, pungent and clear and designed to push people to engage in self-love and respect.

 Connect with Arewa and discover her music:

Ayo wearing Nyasha Headwrap

Ayo wearing the Nyasha Wrap

 Multi-talented herself, Ayo is an actress and model who was most recently seen in “Lady Congo”, “Some Room Above the Street” and “Polly Comes Home Again”, all produced by The American Theater for Actors. But whilst theater is the root of her acting career you may also find Ayo on a screen near you as she recently wrapped up on filmwork to be released later this year. Additionally she enjoys the art of photography and music, so don’t be surprised if you ever find her exercising her other creative outlets.

Check out Ayo on Instagram for updates on upcoming performances and check out some of her music: In A Rut and Never Too Late.


Arewa wearing the Hafisa Wrap

Want a piece of spring for yourself? Check out our entire new collection of headwraps here!

Earrings provided by: Design By U Essentials.

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